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Smart Two Helmet Small - Beige

€55,00 EUR €85,00 EUR

YAKKAY Smart Two bicycle helmets in size Small unite safety and style. You can wear the elegant, cool helmet whether you bike, skateboard or run a scooter.

Smart Two Helmet Small fits a head circumference of 51-54 cm. Find out how to measure your head circumference here.

YAKKAY's Smart Two Helmet in size Small is the ideal bicycle helmet or skater helmet for both adults, youngsters and children with a head circumference of 51-54 cm. The head circumference can differ widely from human to human. We would recommend, that the Smart Two Helmet Small be used from the age of 3 years - but always remember to measure the head circumference first.

You can supply the helmet with different stylish YAKKAY Small Covers.

Please note that it is only our YAKKAY Small Covers that fit our Smart Two helmets Small.

You can change the cover on your Smart Two Helmet Small. That makes it possible for you to have one helmet and use more than one cover, thereby obtaining different personal looks and styles.

You can change the helmet's strap colour by using our Strap Set Two in size Medium. Please note that the Smart Two Helmet Small - Beige comes with Golden Blonde straps. It you want another strap colour, you must supply with an extra strap set. You find Strap Set Two here.

If you need warm and cozy earmuffs for your helmet, you can find them here.

The Smart Two bike helmet has received numerous prestigious international design awards, e.g the Red Dot Design Award, and is tested and certified in accordance with both European and American safety standards CE/EN1078 and CPSC1203.

Smart Two is an in-mold bike helmet, which means that a PC shell is integrated with an EPS inner shell. This gives extra strength and durability, a perfect, clean surface and a very light weight (240 g).

The Smart Two helmet has 6 vent holes for generous ventilation. For comfort, the helmet is equipped with self-adhesive, soft foam pads that can be placed inside the helmet as you may find it comfortable. With the helmet's adjusting system, including a discreet spin-dial neck adjuster, you can obtain a secure and comfortable fit very easily and quickly. The cheek buckles are in stainless steel and specially designed by YAKKAY.

Find instructions for Smart Two helmets here