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Find Your YAKKAY Smart Two bike helmet size

In order to find the correct YAKKAY Smart Two bicycle helmet size, you measure your head circumference with a measuring tape. The measuring tape should be placed loosely around your head above your eyebrows and in an almost horizontal line around the back of your head. Please see the drawing below.

You find your YAKKAY Smart Two bicycle helmet size in the chart below.

Be aware that YAKKAY Smart Two bike helmets are small in size.

Please note, that your YAKKAY Smart Two bike helmet size may depend on your head form, meaning that you may need a larger helmet than stated in the chart below if you have a rather broad or long skull.

If your head circumference is within two sizes, we recommend that you choose the larger size - though bearing in mind that the helmet size always may depend on your specific head form.

Size X-Large: 58-61cm
Size Large: 55-59 cm
Size Medium: 51-56 cm
Size Small: 51-54 cm