The story of YAKKAY

YAKKAY was introduced in 2008 from a vision to make more people wear bicycle helmets. We found that people, who want a personal and stylish look, were reluctant to wear bike helmets. Therefore, a group of leading Danish designers created a bike helmet that is elegant, minimalistic and slim profiled. At the same time, the design makes it possible to supply the helmet with interchangeable hat and cap covers and thus create personal and stylish looks.

YAKKAY Pink Jazz helmet cover. Copenhagen          YAKKAY Smart Two bike helmet, black. Copenhagen
Pink Jazz cover and Smart Two helmet, Copenhagen 2012

YAKKAY stands for the original innovative design concept where helmets are supplied with covers. The covers come in different styles of hats and caps giving room for personality and diversity while actually looking like hats and caps. You can wear the helmet with or without a cover, and you can change from one cover to another on the same helmet.


YAKKAY Smart Two helmet. Superkilen, Copenhagen.      YAKKAY Tokyo Love cover for bike helmet. Superkilen, Copenhagen.
Smart Two helmet and Tokyo Love cover at Superkilen, Copenhagen 2020

Our concept had an overwhelming welcome from fashionistas and design connoisseurs around the world, receiving numerous prestigious international design awards (see below), and was featured as a lifestyle product in international journals and fashion magazines such as Vogue.


YAKKAY bike helmet in Vogue.        YAKKAY in Wall Street Journal. Paris Herringbone cover.
Vogue Fitness Guide 2011                     Wall Street Journal 2010

As an excellent example of Danish design, YAKKAY was featured in the Danish Pavilion at EXPO 2010 in Shanghai. And YAKKAY has been a darling to artists. The Danish artist Kristian von Hornsleth and the German artist Jonathan Meese have taken YAKKAY's helmet and made it into art.


YAKKAY bike helmet. Danish artist Kristian Hornsleth            YAKKAY bike helmet. German Artist Jonathan Meese 
Kristian Von Hornsleth, 2008                           Jonathan Meese, 2014     


The latest innovative YAKKAY design solution is interchangeable straps for the Smart Two helmet making it possible to change the helmet's strap colour thereby obtaining even more different styles. The interchangeable Strap Set Two has been introduced in Spring 2021.


YAKKAY skater helmet with interchangeable straps in different colours. Ruby Red.

Design awards

YAKKAY's helmet concept has received numerous prestigious international design awards:
EUROBIKE Award      Good Design Award     iF Product Design   
Focus Open Designpreis Gold.      reddot design award
When YAKKAY won the EUROBIKE award, the jury said: "YAKKAY's unique concept for bicycle helmets is the first where safety requirements and style are united and equally valued [...]". 
And that is our mission: UNITE SAFETY AND STYLE

Safety certificates

The most important feature of a bicycle helmet is to protect the cyclist's head should an accident occur. YAKKAY is safe. Our helmets are tested by the world leading test institute SGS and certified in accordance with both European and American safety standards (CE/EN1078 and CPSC1203). You can see YAKKAY's safety certificates here: EN1078 and CPSC