Become a YAKKAY retailer

YAKKAY’s products are for sale in a number of shops around the world. We aim for retailers where we find a clear connection to our brand of designer bicycle helmets and accessories.

If you are interested in becoming a YAKKAY retailer, please fill out the signup form:

Signup for Wholesale

We will need some basic information in order for us to consider whether you can become a YAKKAY retailer:

  • Your official company name, address, website and VAT number.
  • The name, address and website of your shop.
  • A brief description of your shop in terms of location, appearance, what items you sell, and how you see YAKKAY’s products fit into your shop.

You will then receive details about our products and retailer prices and be informed of our requirements regarding payment and minimum launch package. If you agree to these, you will be registered and get a login to our retailer webshop.