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Tokyo Lace Helmet Hat (helmet+cover)YAKKAY white summerhat for bicycle helmet
Tokyo Lace Helmet Hat (helmet+cover)
Sale price€174,00 EUR
Milano Dark Blue Denim Helmet Hat (helmet+cover)YAKKAY bicycle helmet hat
Tokyo Pink Jazz Helmet Hat (helmet+cover)YAKKAY stylish bicycle helmet with tweed hat
Tokyo Pink Jazz Helmet Hat (helmet+cover)
Sale price€140,00 EUR
Bike Pretty Straw Hat Cover for YAKKAY bicycle helmetYAKKAY Straw Hat Helmet made by Bike Pretty straw hat cover and YAKKAY bicycle helmet
Straw Hat Helmet (helmet+cover)
Sale price€204,00 EUR
Tokyo Black Rain Helmet Hat (helmet+cover)YAKKAY Tokyo Black Rain
Tokyo Black Rain Helmet Hat (helmet+cover)
Sale price€140,00 EUR
YAKKAY Tokyo RoseYAKKAY Tokyo Rose 3D Modell
Tokyo Rose Helmet Hat (helmet+cover)
Sale price€140,00 EUR
Paris Black Oilskin Helmet Hat (helmet+cover)YAKKAY Paris Black Oilskin
Paris Black Oilskin Helmet Hat (helmet+cover)
Sale price€134,00 EUR
Paris Herringbone Helmet Hat (helmet+cover)YAKKAY Paris Herringbone
Paris Herringbone Helmet Hat (helmet+cover)
Sale price€140,00 EUR
Tokyo Love Helmet Hat (helmet+cover)YAKKAY Tokyo Love
Tokyo Love Helmet Hat (helmet+cover)
Sale price€134,00 EUR
Paris New York Helmet Hat (helmet+cover)YAKKAY Paris New York
Paris New York Helmet Hat (helmet+cover)
Sale price€134,00 EUR
Tokyo Denim Helmet Hat (helmet+cover)YAKKAY Tokyo Denim
YAKKAY Giftcard
Yakkay Gift Card
Sale priceFrom €50,00 EUR

YAKKAY's stylish Bike Helmet Hats have won numerous design awards and are found in multiple combinations, fitting your unique, personal style. A bicycle helmet hat from YAKKAY effortlessly combines safety and fashion.

Take a look at our hat helmets below, find your preferred combination, and become the owner of an innovative bicycle helmet that actually looks like a hat. Our bike helmet hats are extremely light and made of durable materials, providing safety, comfort, and style in one headpiece.

YAKKAY Bike Helmet Hats are made from a combination of YAKKAY's black Smart Two bicycle helmet and our stylish covers - uniting safety and style. Find your size here.

If you prefer another style, try designing your own style from our other combinations of helmet, cover and straps. Design your own YAKKAY bike helmet hat here.


Experience the highest comfort in our bike helmet hats

A bike helmet that is too big, small, or poorly fit is neither safe nor comfortable. At YAKKAY we therefore believe that every detail in the bike helmets should point towards maximum safety in the bicycle traffic and the most pleasant fit. To see this through, all our helmets offer the ability for extra adjusting. A practical spin-dial neck adjuster allows for a slight increase or decrease in the circumference size, making sure the bike helmet fits just right. Self-adhesive foam pads in the interior of the bike helmets provides support and comfort, and it is furthermore possible to buy additional pads for an ideal fit.

Six holes on the bike helmet are placed for maximum ventilation on hot summer days. If you purchase one of our cover-and helmet combinations, you will see that most of the covers offer matching holes, so you don't have to compromise on ventilation for style.

Every small detail has thus been worked around to create our various hat helmet combinations, and you can be sure to feel comfortable in your bike helmet no matter where your bicycle takes you.

Find your preferred hat helmet combination

At YAKKAY we wish to provide the ultimate customization option when it comes to head safety. For this reason, we have deconstructed all aspects of a normal bike helmet to make it possible to find a combination to match your unique preferences. This collection consists of multiple combinations to choose from, but it is also possible to create your very own combination by designing your own bike helmet

Bike helmets

Our Smart Two bicycle helmets have a smooth and simple exterior design and are made of premium materials, making them light weighted, comfortable, and safe to the user. They are furthermore equipped with no less than 6 vent holes, providing generous venting for the warm days.

Helmet covers

Through our selection of helmet covers, you can become an owner of a stylish bike helmet that looks like a hat. At YAKKAY we have created unique bike hat covers that can turn your head gear into a cap, bucket-or straw hat, a practical rain cover and more. The covers are interchangeable, meaning that there are loads of options to renew the looks of your hat helmet in the future, always providing you with a look of your choice.

Helmet straps

To fully complete a customized hat helmet, you can add different coloured helmet straps, providing a unique detail for that extra zing. For a slick, elegant look, choose a combination where you add our delicately golden blonde or silver grey straps, making the look of the helmet slightly more adventurous than your average black straps. To truly stand out, pick a helmet combination and add our boldly coloured straps in ruby red or ivory blue. Just like the covers, the straps for Smart Two helmets are interchangeable and can be adjusted to match your look and mood of the day.

All the elements above contribute to a unique combination that provides a bicycle helmet hat for your personal style. Whether you prefer a straw bike helmet hat with golden blonde straps or fancy a colourful bucket helmet hat, you can find it here.

Add accessories to your hat helmet for the full experience

When you have found your ideal bike helmet that looks like a hat, you can easily combine it with our extra gadgets for the most convenient bike ride.

With YAKKAY's specially designed ear warmers for bike helmets compatible with the Smart Two helmet, you can bike around in the cold months with comfortable, warm ears without having to readjust the helmet to fit on top of a warm hat. YAKKAY's design award-winning helmet lock placed underneath your bike seat can be used to safely store your hat helmet whilst you’re away. A protection bag is included to avoid getting rain or dirt on your bicycle helmet in all kinds of weather.

Browse our accessories category to find this and more to get the smartest YAKKAY experience.

Get a unique and fashionable hat helmet today

YAKKAY offers cool bike helmet hat combinations for every taste. Shop the entire line easily at our online store and receive your order within a few days. In EU you can expect a delivery time within only 2-5 working days, in the rest of the world within 3-10 working days. 

We always aspire to do our best to give you a fast delivery and the best possible customer care. If you therefore have any doubts or questions regarding our products or YAKKAY in general, we strongly encourage you to contact us. We strive to provide you with a swift reply, answering all aspects of your inquiry.