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YAKKAY summer hat cover for bicycle helmetYAKKAY bike helmet hat with summer hat cover
Tokyo Lace Cover
Sale price€89,00 EUR
YAKKAY cover for bicycle helmet. Milano Dark Blue Denim Cover.YAKKAY Milano Dark Blue Denim equestrian cap cover for Smart Two bike helmet.
Milano Dark Blue Denim Cover
Sale price€55,00 EUR
YAKKAY Tokyo Rose Cover for bicycle helmetYAKKAY Tokyo Rose
Tokyo Rose Cover
Sale price€55,00 EUR
YAKKAY Straw Hat bike helmetStraw Hat cover for YAKKAY's Smart Two bicycle helmet.
Straw Hat Cover
Sale price€119,00 EUR
YAKKAY rain cover for bicycle helmetYAKKAY Tokyo Black Rain
Tokyo Black Rain Cover
Sale price€55,00 EUR
YAKKAY Paris Herringbone Cover for bicycle helmetYAKKAY Paris Herringbone
Paris Herringbone Cover
Sale price€55,00 EUR
YAKKAY Pink Jazz cover for bike helmetTokyo Pink Jazz Cover
Tokyo Pink Jazz Cover
Sale price€55,00 EUR
YAKKAY Tokyo LoveYAKKAY Tokyo Love
Tokyo Love Cover
Sale price€49,00 EUR
YAKKAY cover for bicycle helmet. Paris Black Oilskin CoverYAKKAY Paris Black Oilskin
Paris Black Oilskin Cover
Sale price€49,00 EUR
YAKKAY Paris New York cover for bicycle helmetYAKKAY Paris New York
Paris New York Cover
Sale price€49,00 EUR
YAKKAY Denim cover for bicycle helmetYAKKAY Tokyo Denim
Tokyo Denim Cover
Sale price€49,00 EUR
YAKKAY Giftcard
Yakkay Gift Card
Sale priceFrom €50,00 EUR

With unique bike helmet covers from YAKKAY you can upgrade your YAKKAY Smart Two bicycle helmet with fashionable design, changing the helmet to look like a hat. With a selection of timeless, stylish hat and cap covers, you can pair a new look to your bike helmet, successfully combining safety and fashion on your future bike rides.

Ordinary bike helmets are a thing of the past. Explore our wide selection of bike helmet covers and manage to match your safety gear with your personal style. Every detail has been thought of in designing our popular helmet covers, causing the design of our bike helmets to achieve multiple international design awards.

Please note that YAKKAY's covers will not fit other helmets than YAKKAY's Smart Two helmets. And your cover and helmet have to be the same size.


Find your ideal bike helmet cover

No piece of fashion fits everyone like a glove. We believe that by creating a wider selection of types, colors, and styles, it’s possible for everyone to find a bike helmet that matches their unique sense of style. Whether you are on the look-out for function or fashion, you are sure to find a solution amongst our popular creations:

Get an ultimate eye-catching bucket-hat style cover

Our spectacular bucket-hat style helmet covers allow you to fully draw attention to your new head piece on your bike rides. With choices from a cool denim look to our Tokyo Pink Jazz Cover bedazzled with a rainbow of color graduations, you can be sure to stand out in the crowd.

Choose a cap-style helmet cover for a casual look

With our cap-style helmets you can embrace a familiar piece of headwear with your YAKKAY helmet. These helmet covers are offered in elegant, toned-down colors or in a classic, tweed-style, herringbone pattern, making them a relaxed and smooth addition to your everyday commuting outfit.

Mix fashion and function in the ultimate invention

If you wish to look stylish yet still enjoy the smartest functions, we have a helmet cover to fill your needs. Have you ever been missing a waterproof bike helmet for the unexpected drizzle on your outdoor commute? No more! Our waterproof helmet cover - the Tokyo Black Rain Cover - made of waterproof polyester is elegant and can be worn in all types of weather to make the otherwise dreadful bike ride more enjoyable.

For the sunny summer days, YAKKAY has you covered with the popular Straw Hat helmet cover. With its wide brim it successfully provides shade for your face and offers protection from UV rays. This helmet cover comes straight from Bike Pretty in California and is made from high tech materials to make it a most suitable summer day companion.

Experience quality in every detail

All YAKKAY’s bike helmet covers are handmade, ensuring high attention to detail. We use a various selection of top-quality materials to the different types of helmet covers to tailor the ideal fabric to a specific cover’s looks and function. In our selection you will find bike helmet covers in handpicked materials as 100% cotton or paper straw, and helmet covers made of blends between polyester, cotton, wool and more.

We strive to create durable helmet covers so you can use your bike helmet long into the future. You can always find information on which materials are used for each bike helmet cover in the product information.

Enjoy the smart functions incorporated in YAKKAY helmet covers

Our bike helmet covers have many details to enjoy besides being a stylish addition to your bike rides. Close to all the helmet covers are equipped with small vent holes practically placed to match the vent holes on the Smart Two bicycle helmet, making sure you won’t be missing the generous venting while wearing a helmet cover.

The vast majority of our helmet covers are fitted with a brim in the front of or all around the hat. This offers pleasant shading to the eyes in the summer days but can also provide slight shelter from wind and rain, should you find yourself in bad weather.

A most unique function of YAKKAY helmets and covers is that the helmet covers are interchangeable. This provides the ultimate freedom and flexibility in customizing your safety headgear to always match your mood or style of the day, or even the weather! With a couple of your favorite bike helmet covers from YAKKAY, you are well covered in all your future endeavors in the biking traffic and can feel safe and fashionable at the same time.

Haven’t got the bike helmet yet?

All our bike helmet covers are solemnly compatible with our Smart Two bike helmets. If you are new to our store, hop over and view our elegant bike helmets with a perfect, smooth surface. Our in-mold bicycle helmets are certified and live up to safety standards in accordance with both Europe and the U.S. You can be sure to experience a good fit with the equipped neck-adjuster in the back, as well as conveniently placed foam pads in the interior. With a light-weight bike helmet from us you are ready to match it with covers, colorful helmet straps, and more for the full YAKKAY experience. Try customizing your bike helmet here.

Get your ultimate bike helmet hat today

YAKKAY offers unique bike helmet covers that unite practicality with fashion. Shop the entire line easily at our online store and receive your order within a few days. In EU you can expect a delivery time within only 2-5 working days, in the rest of the world within 3-10 working days. 

We always aspire to do our best to give you a fast delivery and the best possible customer care. If you therefore have any doubts or questions regarding our products or YAKKAY in general, we strongly encourage you to contact us. We strive to provide you with a swift reply, answering all aspects of your inquiry.