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Tokyo Lace Cover - YAKKAYTokyo Lace Cover - YAKKAY
Tokyo Lace Cover
Sale price€89,99 EUR
Milano Dark Blue Denim Cover - YAKKAYMilano Dark Blue Denim Cover - YAKKAY
Milano Dark Blue Denim Cover
Sale price€64,99 EUR
Tokyo Rose Cover - YAKKAYTokyo Rose Cover - YAKKAY
Tokyo Rose Cover
Sale price€64,99 EUR
Straw Hat Cover - YAKKAYStraw Hat Cover - YAKKAY
Straw Hat Cover
Sale price€119,00 EUR
Tokyo Black Rain Cover - YAKKAYTokyo Black Rain Cover - YAKKAY
Tokyo Black Rain Cover
Sale price€64,99 EUR
Paris Herringbone Cover - YAKKAYParis Herringbone Cover - YAKKAY
Paris Herringbone Cover
Sale price€64,99 EUR
Tokyo Pink Jazz Cover - YAKKAYTokyo Pink Jazz Cover - YAKKAY
Tokyo Pink Jazz Cover
Sale price€64,99 EUR
Tokyo Love Cover - YAKKAYTokyo Love Cover - YAKKAY
Tokyo Love Cover
Sale price€59,99 EUR
Paris Black Oilskin Cover - YAKKAYParis Black Oilskin Cover - YAKKAY
Paris Black Oilskin Cover
Sale price€59,99 EUR
Paris New York Cover - YAKKAYParis New York Cover - YAKKAY
Paris New York Cover
Sale price€59,99 EUR
Tokyo Denim Cover - YAKKAYTokyo Denim Cover - YAKKAY
Tokyo Denim Cover
Sale price€59,99 EUR
Yakkay Gift Card - YAKKAY
Yakkay Gift Card
Sale priceFrom €50,00 EUR

With unique bike helmet covers from YAKKAY you can upgrade your YAKKAY Smart Two bicycle helmet with fashionable design, changing the helmet to look like a hat. With a selection of timeless, stylish hat and cap covers, you can pair a new look to your bike helmet, successfully combining safety and fashion on your future bike rides.

Ordinary bike helmets are a thing of the past. Explore our wide selection of bike helmet covers and manage to match your safety gear with your personal style. Every detail has been thought of in designing our popular helmet covers, causing the design of our bike helmets to achieve multiple international design awards.

Please note that YAKKAY's covers will not fit other helmets than YAKKAY's Smart Two helmets. And your cover and helmet have to be the same size.