Care instructions YAKKAY Covers


YAKKAY summer hat cover for bicycle helmet


Almost all our covers are made from fabrics that - if needed - can be washed gently and with care by hand with a mild detergent and left to air dry at room temperature. Do not leave any cover to soak.

The Tokyo Lace Cover should be washed only with outmost care and under no circumstances be left to soak as the shape of the light-brown suede band cannot withstand it.  

The Straw Hat Cover and the Luzern Black and Luzern White Covers cannot be washed, but you can carefully remove dirt and stains with a wet cloth. 

If your cover has become a crinkled or otherwise out of shape, you can apply clean water by hand or a spray and carefully form it back into shape.This goes for the Tokyo Lace Cover and Straw Hat Cover as well.

All of our covers can stand a light rain shower, but you should pay special attention to the Straw Hat Cover in this regard.

Our Tokyo Black Rain Cover is a special waterproof cover that goes very well in rainy weather.