Care instructions YAKKAY Smart Two helmet

YAKKAY bicycle helmets
  • You can clean your helmet with lukewarm water and pH neutral soap using a soft, clean cloth. Leave the helmet to air dry at room temperature.
  • Always pay special attention to:
1. The self-adhesive foam pads. If you remove them, they cannot stick to the inside of the helmet again. In that case, you can purchase an extra set of foam pads in our webshop.
2. The neck adjuster. If it breaks, you can purchase a new one in our webshop.
  • The five-petals-formed flower pad, which is attached to the top of the inside of the helmet with velcro, is washable at 30C/86 F. Use a mild detergent and put it in a laundry bag for a secure wash. Leave it to air dry at room temperature.
  • If your helmet is wet, leave it to air dry at room temperature.
  • You can polish the outer shell of the helmet with a soft, clean cloth.
  • Take care not to bump your helmet into or onto sharp or rough surfaces as it may scratch the shiny PC shell.
  • If your helmet is subjected to severe impact, it should always be discarded.