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YAKKAY Bike Helmets for Kids

Discover our range of kids bike and skater helmets that can be customized to fit your child’s personality. With a variety of colourful helmets and different covers, YAKKAY offers safety that is both personal and playful. Our design award-winning bicycle helmets are made of a durable material that, while being extremely light, provides comfortability and safety to every kid. Browse our collection to find the perfect match.

We offer bike helmets for kids in size 51-54cm, which will normally fit children within the age of 2-8 years. Find our size guide here.

Please note that it is only YAKKAY's covers for Kids that fit YAKKAY's Smart Two helmets for Kids. YAKKAY's covers for Kids will not fit other helmets than YAKKAY's Smart Two helmets for Kids.

Explore our selection of kid’s bike helmets

Our bike helmets for kids are suitable for both boys and girls. Choose between a range of colours, guaranteed to make any child happy. Our collection’s colour palette consists among others of a bright blue, cheerful red, and a smooth beige. No matter if you are looking for a bike helmet for a girl or a boy, YAKKAY has a helmet to their liking.

We offer bike helmets for kids in size 51-54cm, which will normally fit children within the age of 2-8 years. Make sure to measure your child's head before purchase to ensure that the helmet will fit adequately. A bike helmet always needs to be fitted correctly to ensure optimal safety.

You can see how to measure your child's head circumference here.

Comfortable helmets in a beautiful Danish design

The helmets from YAKKAY are along with other aspects recognized by the elegant Scandinavian style provided by Danish designers. As a result, the helmets have a minimalistic vibe with simple, beautiful colours. The helmets have a slim profile, giving the kid’s bike helmets a smooth fit compared to others on the market. 

All our helmets have 6 practical vent holes, making it comfortable for your child to wear even on a warm summer day. Soft foam pads can be distributed throughout the inside of the helmet, providing an excellent and comfortable fit. With a spin-dial in the back of the helmet it is possible to adjust for an ideal fit. The spin-dial can also be used to increase the overall size of the helmet as your child grows, giving the helmet a longer lifetime.

Provide your kid with a unique and practical helmet

One of the advantages with YAKKAY helmets is the option to change the entire look of a helmet with a special helmet cover. Your child can choose from three cool cap covers, giving the bike helmet the looks of being a cap rather than a helmet. The cover can practically be switched with another or taken off for the purpose of various styles.

You can even change the strap colour of your kid's bike helmet using YAKKAY's innovative interchangeable bike helmet straps in size Medium. 

And in wintertime you can spare your child's ears from the cold providing your kid's bicycle helmet with YAKKAY's specially designed ear warmers for bike helmets, which can easily be placed on your kid's bike helmet. The black ear warmers are made of cotton with a soft fleece inner-side, making them very warm and comfortable to wear in the cold winter months.

Children often use their bike to and from school, carrying a heavy bag and books. It is inconvenient having to carry a bike helmet on top of that, but even more inconvenient to come back to a helmet that’s either missing or drenched from the rain. YAKKAY’s design award-winning Safe One helmet lock is here to solve both of those problems. When placed under the bicycle saddle, your child can both lock their bike helmet safely while covering it with the included protection bag to avoid any rain, dust, or theft.

YAKKAY offers certified safe bike helmets for kids

Though being fun and unique, the most important task of a kid’s bike helmet is to keep your child’s head protected in the events of a crash. All our helmets are tested by world leading test institute SGS and certified in accordance with both European and American safety standards.

Our helmets are produced with the in-mold technique, meaning that the PC shell is integrated with the EPS inner shell. In short, this ensures a safe, very durable high-performance helmet.  

The helmet is suitable for your child’s everyday transportation on bike, but also for other outdoor activities. If your boy or girl likes to roller skate, skateboard or run a scooter, the kid’s bike helmet from YAKKAY is more than suitable and safe for these activities as well.

Discover bike helmets and covers for adults

Should you be inspired to purchase a helmet for you as well as your kid, YAKKAY offers a selection of bicycle helmets for both men and women with a great variety of helmet covers. The Smart Two helmet is available up to a size 61 cm and can be purchased with a selection of covers and several accessories like colorful helmet straps, ear warmers, and helmet lock.

By purchasing multiple bike helmet covers you can change the look of your helmet like every other part of your outfit. Browse our full collection of bike helmets, cover, straps and other accessories and wear both fashion and safety on your future bike rides. Or try customizing your very own bike helmet hat to fit your personal style.

Get a unique and stylish bike helmet for your kid today

YAKKAY offers the best bike helmets for kids that unite practicality with fashion. Shop the entire line easily at our online store and receive your order within a few days. In EU you can expect a delivery time within only 2-5 working days, in the rest of the world within 3-7 working days. 

We always aspire to do our best to give you a fast delivery and the best possible customer care, in case you have any questions or inquiries for us.