Manual YAKKAY Smart Two helmet


YAKKAY skater helmets

The helmet will only protect you properly if it fits you and you wear it correctly.

  • Make sure the size of the helmet is right for you. Consult our Size Guide.
  • Place the helmet so that it protects your forehead. Do not push the helmet too far over the back of your head. The rim of the helmet should be horizontal or very close to.
  • The straps should be adjusted with the cheek buckles so that they do not cover your ears.
  • The cheek buckles should be positioned just below the ears.
  • Use the spin dial at the neck adjuster to make a comfortable fit. You can carefully reposition the neck adjuster inside the back end of the helmet if needed for a more comfortable fit.
  • The straps should be adjusted for a tight but comfortable fit below your chin.
  • The rubber band fastener around the strap should be positioned away from the chin lock when you make adjustments of the strap and to avoid a hanging loop of the strap. Be careful repositioning the fastener.
  • If you need a more comfortable fit, you can use the included foam pads. They should be placed inside the helmet at any point where you may need them for comfort. Please note that once placed inside the helmet, the foam pads cannot be moved to another place.
  • Do not modify the helmet in other ways than stated in these instructions. Never attach accessories to the helmet that are not provided by YAKKAY.
  • If your helmet is subjected to severe impact, it should always be discarded.
  • Remember that a helmet cannot protect against all injuries. Please, bike carefully.