Manual Strap Set Two

Strap Set Two comes in a box that contains:

- one set of straps

- one release tool specially designed by YAKKAY

- 4 extra metal pins (in reserve)

- instructional drawings


Please note: Strap Set Two only works with YAKKAY’s Smart Two helmet.

The best way to change the straps is to sit at a table. Place a cloth on the table so you don’t scratch the surface of your Smart Two helmet.

Study the instructional drawings included in the Strap Set Two box. The instructional drawings can also be found on our website

In the instructional drawings you can see which strap is the right strap and which is the left strap seen from the front. The right strap ends in the female part of the chin buckle and the left strap ends in the male part of the chin buckle.

We recommend that you replace the straps one by one to avoid mixing up the straps (right/left).

Place your Smart Two helmet upside down on the cloth on the table (drawing 1).

Carefully withdraw the front ends of the neck-adjuster from the inside of the helmet (drawing 2). It is possible to change the straps without de-attaching the neck-adjuster. Just be careful when you do the exchange.

Take the release tool and stick it into the in-molded plastic cabinet around the strap end (drawing 3). Pay attention, that you stick the tool into the cabinet and not underneath it.

Tilt the release tool down so that it releases the two metal pins from the in-molded plastic cabinet (drawing 4).

Draw the strap end into the inside of the helmet (drawing 5).

Remove the metal pin from the strap end and draw out the strap end from the helmet (drawing 6).

Look carefully at the position of the strap when you draw out the strap end. The strap’s back end lays in front of the strap’s front end at the cheek buckle when you look at it from the inside of the helmet (drawing 7). And the strap’s front end lays in front of the back end when you look at the outside of the helmet.

Take the new strap. Pay attention that you take the correct strap (right/left strap) and that you place the new strap in the same position as the removed strap (back/front).

Put the correct strap end (back/front) through the in-molded plastic cabinet (drawing 8). Pay attention that the strap end’s sewing is upwards. Put the metal pin into the strap end’s sewing.

Pay attention that the metal pin is placed centrally in the strap end’s sewing. Draw the strap end upwards from the helmet rim so that the strap end and the metal pin go into the in-molded plastic cabinet (drawing 9). Pull the strap until the metal pin “clicks” into the plastic cabinet. You can supply the pull with a finger press on the strap end’s sewing in order to make it “click”.

Do the same with the other strap end. Pay attention that the strap’s back end lays in front of the strap’s front end at the cheek buckle when you look at it from the inside of the helmet (drawing 7).

When you have replaced the first strap, replace the other strap the same way.

Finally re-attach the neck adjuster (if you have de-attached it) and adjust the new straps in order to fit you. If you need help to find the correct adjustment of the straps, you can see our Instructions for Smart Two helmet on our website