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YAKKAY Paris Herringbone Bike Helmet HatYAKKAY Paris Herringbone
Paris Herringbone Helmet Hat (helmet+cover)
Sale price€140,00 EUR
YAKKAY rain hat helmet. bicycle helmet for rainy weather.. Waterproof bike helmetYAKKAY Tokyo Black Rain
Tokyo Black Rain Helmet Hat (helmet+cover)
Sale price€140,00 EUR
YAKKAY khaki cover for bike helmet hatsYAKKAY Paris New York
Paris New York Helmet Hat (helmet+cover)
Sale price€134,00 EUR
YAKKAY Paris Black Oilskin cover for bike helmet hat.YAKKAY Paris Black Oilskin
Paris Black Oilskin Helmet Hat (helmet+cover)
Sale price€134,00 EUR
YAKKAY Tokyo Denim bike helmet hatYAKKAY Tokyo Denim
Tokyo Love Helmet Hat (helmet+cover)YAKKAY Tokyo Love
Tokyo Love Helmet Hat (helmet+cover)
Sale price€134,00 EUR
YAKKAY Milano Dark Blue Denim bike helmet hatYAKKAY bicycle helmet hat
YAKKAY Smart Two black bike helmetYAKKAY Smart Two black skater helmet
Smart Two Helmet - Black
Sale price€85,00 EUR
Save €26,00
YAKKAY Smart Two bike helmet. Colour brown.YAKKAY Smart Two brown bike helmet
Smart Two Helmet - Brown
Sale price€59,00 EUR Regular price€85,00 EUR
Paris Herringbone CoverYAKKAY Paris Herringbone
Paris Herringbone Cover
Sale price€55,00 EUR
Tokyo Black Rain CoverYAKKAY Tokyo Black Rain
Tokyo Black Rain Cover
Sale price€55,00 EUR
Paris Black Oilskin CoverYAKKAY Paris Black Oilskin
Paris Black Oilskin Cover
Sale price€49,00 EUR
Paris New York CoverYAKKAY Paris New York
Paris New York Cover
Sale price€49,00 EUR
Tokyo Love CoverYAKKAY Tokyo Love
Tokyo Love Cover
Sale price€49,00 EUR
Tokyo Denim CoverYAKKAY Tokyo Denim
Tokyo Denim Cover
Sale price€49,00 EUR
Milano Dark Blue Denim CoverYAKKAY Milano Dark Blue Denim equestrian cap cover for Smart Two bike helmet.
Milano Dark Blue Denim Cover
Sale price€55,00 EUR
YAKKAY straps for bicycle helmet in Ruby Red.YAKKAY bicycle helmet with ruby red straps and Tokyo Pink Jazz helmet cover.
Strap Set Two - Ruby Red
Sale price€27,00 EUR
YAKKAY helmet straps for bicycle helmet in Silver Grey.YAKKAY bicycle helmet with silver grey straps and Tokyo Rose helmet cover.
Strap Set Two - Silver Grey
Sale price€27,00 EUR
YAKKAY straps for bicycle helmet in Ivory Blue.YAKAY bicycle helmet with light blue helmet straps and cool cap cover
Strap Set Two - Ivory Blue
Sale price€27,00 EUR
bicycle helmet straps  in Golden Blonde.YAKKAY bicycle helmet with golden blonde straps and Tokyo Rose helmet cover.
Strap Set Two - Golden Blonde
Sale price€27,00 EUR
YAKKAY Giftcard
Yakkay Gift Card
Sale priceFrom €50,00 EUR

Discover the unique Smart Two bicycle helmets from YAKKAY, effortlessly combining safety and style. With a selection of our colourful helmet straps and covers, it’s possible to customize your men’s bike helmet entirely to your personal preferences.

This unique design option has received multiple international design awards and has been tested and certified in accordance with safety standards in both Europe and America. Explore our collection of bicycle helmets for men and find your stylish match today.

Find our size guides here.

Please note that YAKKAY's covers will not fit other helmets than YAKKAY's Smart Two helmets.


Become the owner of a top-quality bike helmet

We believe that bike helmets should consist of premium materials to meet the sturdy demands of any high-quality bicycle helmet. Our bike helmets for men are in the category of in-mold bicycle helmets, meaning that a polycarbonate shell is integrated with an EPS inner shell. This combination provides great durability and an effective absorption of impact.

YAKKAY’s bike helmets for men are due to the thin outer shell incredibly light weight, offering great comfort. The Smart Two helmet provides generous venting with no less than 6 vent holes. And our Light One racing bike helmet is no less than the lightest helmet on the market.

When you purchase a men’s bicycle helmet from YAKKAY, you can therefore be sure to receive a comprehensive product, living up to our every standard.

Combine options for a unique bicycle helmet for men

YAKKAY invites bike riders all around the world to embrace bike safety with their own, personal style. With unique options to customize all elements of the men’s bike helmet, it’s possible to wear your own exclusive design, making the bicycle helmet a chosen part of your outfit rather than a necessity for safety.

With a various selection of styles and colours, YAKKAY’s helmet covers can provide you with more than a regular bicycle helmet. Add your preferred cover to a helmet of your choice to get the full design experience. Choose a cap or bucket hat style for a classic or casual look – or perhaps a practical rain cover for a drizzly day? With multiple choices of covers, you can mix and match and change the looks of your helmet the same way you do your clothes.

Combine the cover for the bike helmet with a selection of our bike helmet straps. Choose between neutral shades or a brightly coloured strap to truly stand out with your bicycle helmet. Top off your design with useful accessories: With comfy ear warmers for the cold months or our design award-winning helmet lock to keep your helmet safe, you are in for the full YAKKAY experience.

Comfort in every detail

Every small detail has been thought of in creating our helmets. For a better and more pleasant fitting, our bike helmets for men are equipped with self-adhesive foam pads. It is possible to buy additional pads to place in any area in the need of extra support, providing a perfect fit. With these easy adjustments, you will be sure to feel comfortable when commuting on your bike or running your scooter, or even enjoying roller skating or skateboarding in your spare time. 

How to fit your men’s bike helmet

It is important to note, that a bicycle helmet will only offer adequate protection if worn correctly. Both size and proper wear is essential to ensure appropriate fit and safety:

Choose the right size:

The first thing to ensure is that the size of the bike helmet corresponds to the size of your head. For our Smart Two bicycle helmets for men, we offer 3 different sizes. Make sure to measure your head prior to purchase to ensure a proper fit. You can find guides on how to measure your head correctly here.

Wear the bike helmet properly:

The men’s bicycle helmet should cover your forehead to protect it, while the rim being as close to a horizontal position as possible. The spin dial at the neck can be used to adjust the fit, which should be tight but not uncomfortable. The cheek buckles should be positioned just below the ears, thus not covering them. The helmet straps should be tight enough that the bike helmet cannot move far neither for-or backwards.

Safety is a key concern of YAKKAY. If at any time your bicycle helmet is subjected to severe impact, it should be changed to a new one immediately.

Find your next bike helmet with YAKKAY

YAKKAY offers the best bicycle helmets for men that unite practicality with fashion. Shop the entire line easily at our online store and receive your order within a few days. In EU you can expect a delivery time within only 2-5 working days, in the rest of the world within 3-10 working days. 

We always do our best to give you a fast delivery and the best possible customer service, in case you have any questions or inquiries for us.