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Paris New York Cover

€49,00 EUR

Please note: You cannot use the cover without a YAKKAY Smart Two helmet. The Cover must be the same size as the Smart Two helmet.

YAKKAY Paris New York Cover is a cool, casual khaki cover in cap-style for YAKKAY's Smart Two bike helmet. 

If you need a new Smart Two bike helmet, you find it here.

The cover is handmade from 100 % cotton. The colour is a greyish khaki green.

The cover has 5 small vent holes corresponding the vent holes in the Smart Two helmet and making it breathable. 

You can change covers on your Smart Two bike helmet. That makes it possible for you to buy one helmet and more interchangeable hat and cap covers, thereby obtaining different looks and styles. 

DESIGN YOUR OWN YAKKAY bike helmet hat here.

Find care instructions and a guide on how to mount your cover on your YAKKAY Smart Two helmet here.

You can also change the strap color of your Smart Two helmet. Here you will find our helmet straps in different colors.

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