Want another strap colour for your YAKKAY helmet?

Want another strap colour for your YAKKAY helmet?

We are very proud to introduce YAKKAY's latest innovative design thinking: interchangeable straps in different colours - Strap Set Two.

Normally, a bicycle helmet is what you see - no more, no less.

YAKKAY's Smart Two helmet is another story. It is an elegant, slim profiled bicycle helmet that you can wear as it is - or choose to supply with multiple covers in different hat and cap styles making your own personal look.

And now you can change the strap colour with our brand new Strap Set Two. From Diamond Black or Chocolate Brown to Golden Blonde, to Ivory Blue, to Ruby Red or to Silver Grey.

See the difference:

YAKKAY bicycle helmets with golden blonde straps


YAKKAY skater helmet with Silver Grey and Ruby Red straps.

And you can give your helmet cover a new expression just by changing the strap colour. See how awesome Tokyo Pink Jazz looks with Ruby Red straps and Tokyo Rose with Golden Blonde straps

YAKKAY bicycle helmet with Tokyo Pink Jazz hat cover and Ruby Red straps.     YAKKAY bicycle helmet with Tokyo Rose hat cover and Golden Blonde straps.

We have given our strap colours gemstone names because we find them as decorative as jewelry. And Chocolate Brown just because it sounds so yummy...

No need to say it, but changing the straps is of course fully secure. The interchangeability is part of the Smart Two helmet's special construction which has been tested and certified in accordance with both European and American safety standards.

To change your strap colour all you need is a new set of straps in the colour you want and YAKKAY's specially designed release tool that comes with Strap Set Two. 

See our new Strap Sets here.

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