YAKKAY's new visual image

YAKKAY's new visual image - YAKKAY

Late September, young photographer Jens Kühnel gave YAKKAY a new visual image in an urban Copenhagen photo shoot. In two beautiful, sunny days he made lots of fantastic pictures with our models Marie, Christian, Rekai and Hilda, and we got to see our helmets and covers in new settings.

YAKKAY bicycle helmet and Tokyo Denim cover. Lille Langebro, Copenhagen. Photographer Jens Kuhnel.

Jens and Christian at Lille Langebro in Central Copenhagen

We started in central Copenhagen around the harbour and Frederiksholms Channel. Perfect surroundings for a presentation of our timeless, classic hat and cap covers and elegant helmets. We were lucky to borrow the most stylish bicycles from Copenhagen Bike Company.

YAKKAY bike helmet Tokyo Love cover and Copenhagen Bike Company

Stylish bikes from Copenhagen Bike Company

Jens and Rekai went to Carlsberg Byen to shoot pictures at Elefantporten (Elephant's Gate).

YAKKAY Bike helmet and Paris Herringbone cover. Elephant's Gate at Carlsberg Byen
Rekai at Elephant's Gate in Carlsberg Byen

Next day we went to the hipster area Den Røde Plads ("The Red Square") and Superkilen ("The Super Wedge") in Copenhagen quarter Nørrebro for a young atmosphere. Perfect for our cool helmets that keep you safe, whether you are biking, skating or running a scooter.

YAKKAY at Superkilen, Copenhagen. Photographer Jens Kuhnel.

YAKKAY Smart Two skater helmets. Den Røde Plads, Copenhagen. Photographer Jens Kuhnel.

Jens, Rekai and Hilda at Superkilen and Den Røde Plads in Copenhagen


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