Missing the right bike for your Adventure?

Missing the right bike for your Adventure?

Even the best helmet is worthless without a bike 🚲 That's why we've teamed up with BZEN in Berlin: We got to take their beautiful and light e-bike Vienna for with a ride around the city, and we loved it 🥰 It's lightweight, comfortable, easy to handle, and feels very efficient to ride with its noise free and low maintenance belt drive.

What’s more? We think it looks superb paired with a YAKKAY helmet. The code YAKKAYCOLOR grants you a 95€ discount not on just any bike, but on special colour upgrades beyond the standard option. Each bike model has its own standard colour, which is the most affordable option. Now you get a free upgrade for a touch of personal style ✨

A lightweight and robust city bike, just as we like it.

Don't you think it fits really well with our YAKKAY helmet, too?

The code is valid until May 31st, so better secure your colour upgrade quick💚


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