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YAKKAY Tokyo LaceYAKKAY white summerhat for bicycle helmet
Tokyo Lace Helmet Hat (helmet+cover)
Sale price€174,00 EUR
YAKKAY Milano Dark Blue Denim bike helmet hatYAKKAY bicycle helmet hat
YAKKAY Tokyo Pink Jazz tweed bicycle helmet hat.YAKKAY stylish bicycle helmet with tweed hat
Tokyo Pink Jazz Helmet Hat (helmet+cover)
Sale price€140,00 EUR
Bike Pretty Straw Hat Cover for YAKKAY bicycle helmetYAKKAY Straw Hat Helmet made by Bike Pretty straw hat cover and YAKKAY bicycle helmet
Straw Hat Helmet (helmet+cover)
Sale price€204,00 EUR
YAKKAY Tokyo Rose Bike Helmet HatYAKKAY Tokyo Rose
Tokyo Rose Helmet Hat (helmet+cover)
Sale price€140,00 EUR
YAKKAY rain hat helmet. bicycle helmet for rainy weather.. Waterproof bike helmetYAKKAY Tokyo Black Rain
YAKKAY Tokyo Denim bike helmet hatYAKKAY Tokyo Denim
YAKKAY Paris Herringbone Bike Helmet HatYAKKAY Paris Herringbone
Paris Herringbone Helmet Hat (helmet+cover)
Sale price€140,00 EUR
YAKKAY Tokyo LoveYAKKAY Tokyo Love
Tokyo Love Helmet Hat (helmet+cover)
Sale price€134,00 EUR
YAKKAY Paris Black Oilskin cover for bike helmet hat.YAKKAY Paris Black Oilskin
Paris Black Oilskin Helmet Hat (helmet+cover)
Sale price€134,00 EUR
YAKKAY khaki cover for bike helmet hatsYAKKAY Paris New York
YAKKAY Smart Two black bike helmetYAKKAY Smart Two black skater helmet
Smart Two Helmet - Black
Sale price€85,00 EUR
Sold out
White bicycle helmet from YAKKAY
Smart Two Helmet - White
Sale price€85,00 EUR
Save €26,00
YAKKAY Smart Two bike helmet. Colour brown.YAKKAY Smart Two brown bike helmet
Smart Two Helmet - Brown
Sale price€59,00 EUR Regular price€85,00 EUR
YAKKAY summer hat cover for bicycle helmetYAKKAY bike helmet hat with summer hat cover
Tokyo Lace Cover
Sale price€89,00 EUR
YAKKAY cover for bicycle helmet. Milano Dark Blue Denim Cover.YAKKAY Milano Dark Blue Denim equestrian cap cover for Smart Two bike helmet.
Milano Dark Blue Denim Cover
Sale price€55,00 EUR
YAKKAY Pink Jazz cover for bike helmetTokyo Pink Jazz Cover
Tokyo Pink Jazz Cover
Sale price€55,00 EUR
YAKKAY Straw Hat bike helmetStraw Hat cover for YAKKAY's Smart Two bicycle helmet.
Straw Hat Cover
Sale price€119,00 EUR
YAKKAY Tokyo Rose Cover for bicycle helmetYAKKAY Tokyo Rose
Tokyo Rose Cover
Sale price€55,00 EUR
YAKKAY Paris Herringbone Cover for bicycle helmetYAKKAY Paris Herringbone
Paris Herringbone Cover
Sale price€55,00 EUR
YAKKAY Tokyo LoveYAKKAY Tokyo Love
Tokyo Love Cover
Sale price€49,00 EUR
YAKKAY rain cover for bicycle helmetYAKKAY Tokyo Black Rain
Tokyo Black Rain Cover
Sale price€55,00 EUR
YAKKAY Denim cover for bicycle helmetYAKKAY Tokyo Denim
Tokyo Denim Cover
Sale price€49,00 EUR
YAKKAY cover for bicycle helmet. Paris Black Oilskin CoverYAKKAY Paris Black Oilskin
Paris Black Oilskin Cover
Sale price€49,00 EUR

Bicycle helmets from YAKKAY are the ideal combination of safety, functionality, and style. The collection offers different designs of bike helmets, helmet covers, helmet straps, and accessories, so you can create your perfect women’s bicycle helmet. 

YAKKAY's design award-winning helmets for bike riding are made with high quality materials to ensure durable and robust products, that will last for many years. Discover our full collection of bike helmet hats for women and customize your perfect YAKKAY fit today.

Find our size guides here.

Please note that YAKKAY's covers will not fit other helmets than YAKKAY's Smart Two helmets.


Experience the high standards in all YAKKAY Bike Helmets

Bicycle helmets from YAKKAY are made with attention to every detail, which ensures that the functionality and design of our products always live up to your highest expectations.

Our popular Smart Two bicycle helmets contain several ventilation holes that keeps you cool underneath your helmet. Furthermore, soft foam pads are added so you feel comfortable when commuting to work on your bike, roller skating, skateboarding, or running a scooter. To obtain the ideal fit, YAKKAY helmets for women are equipped with a discrete spin-dial neck adjuster in the back.

By using in-mold technology which integrates the PC shell with an EPS inner shell, you get a durable helmet that while being robust feels extremely light. With YAKKAY’s smart bike helmets, you do not have to worry about bicycle helmet safety.

Compared to many other bike helmet brands, YAKKAY has managed to create a helmet that has a slim profile for a more elegant fit.

Create a custom Women’s Bike Helmet to fit your personal style

With YAKKAY you have the option to create a custom bike helmet, that goes perfectly with your personal style. By making it possible for our customers to create their own helmet, we ensure that everyone can create a helmet that fits with their personality.

Start by choosing the bike helmet, which will be the base of your creation. The next step is to find your bike helmet cover of choice, which will go over your bike helmet. The cover is what will make your bike helmet unique as it covers the entire helmet. Finally, you can choose extra straps in different colours, which is a perfect addition to the entire look. No matter your preferences, you can be absolutely sure to create a bicycle helmet that meets all your expectations.

You can try designing your own customized bike helmet here.

Explore YAKKAY’s collection of Bike Helmet Covers

YAKKAY offers a great variety of bicycle helmet covers that are specially designed for the Smart Two helmets and make your helmet look like an actual hat. The different bike covers make your helmet stand out from the other commuters on the bike roads. The Danish design is present throughout the entire collection, reflected by the use of elegant and minimalistic details and colours.

Explore our many Tokyo style covers that go perfectly over a women’s bike helmet from YAKKAY. It is a simple bucket hat style that fits any occasion. Choose between calm tones such as khaki green and navy or explore the colourful tweed styles, which have a feminine expression.

For a stylish women’s bike helmet, pair it with a Paris or Milan Cover in cap style that comes in a number of toned-down colours or even in a striking black and white herringbone pattern. An option that always looks contemporary.

By having several YAKKAY bike helmet hats, you can change your look as you like. Wear the Straw Hat Cover on a warm sunny day and the khaki Tokyo Love Cover for a gloomy city trip.

Combine your Bike Helmet for Women with other YAKKAY Accessories

YAKKAY has created several accessories to go with your women’s bike helmet, including helmet straps in different colours, ear warmers and a helmet lock.

It is an absolutely unique design solution that YAKKAY offers you the possibility to change your bicycle helmet straps, so that you can have straps in different colours. This way you can give your Smart Two bike helmet a completely new look with straps in ruby red, golden blonde or another colour. Or you can change the colour of your helmet straps to create the perfect look together with a specific helmet cover.

YAKKAY ear warmers fit all Smart Two helmets and are made of cotton together with a soft fleece inner-side, which is a performative combination that ensures warmth and comfort.

Don’t want to carry your helmet around with you? YAKKAY has the perfect solution. In the collection of bicycles accessories, you will find YAKKAY's design award-winning Safe One Helmet lock. The lock is made to be attached under your bike saddle where it does not bother you while biking. The lock contains a protection bag in which you can put your helmet to keep it dry and clean.

It is easy to shop online with YAKKAY

YAKKAY offers the best bike helmets for women that unite practicality with fashion. Shop the entire line easily at our online store and receive your order within a few days. In EU you can expect a delivery time within only 2-5 working days, in the rest of the world within 3-10 working days.

We always do our best to give you a fast delivery and the best possible customer service, in case you have any questions or inquiries for us.