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Strap Set Two - Ruby Red

€27,00 EUR

The strap colour is ruby red (bright red).

The straps are the same as the existing straps on YAKKAY Smart Two helmet - only the colour is different. The cheek buckles are in stainless steel and specially designed by YAKKAY.

You can change the strap colour on your Smart Two helmet. That makes it possible for you to buy one helmet and more straps in different colours thereby obtaining different personal looks. You can also combine different strap colours with a cover giving the cover a new expression.

DESIGN YOUR OWN YAKKAY bike helmet here.

Strap Set Two comes in three different sizes equivalent with the sizes of the Smart Two helmet. It is recommendable that you use the same size as your helmet size.

Length of straps (right + left strap) are:
Size Medium:   770 + 380 mm.
Size Large:       800 + 430 mm.
Size X-Large:   820 + 450 mm.

Strap Set Two comes with a tool for changing the straps specially designed by YAKKAY.

It is fully secure to change the straps as the interchangeability is part of the Smart Two helmet's special construction which has been tested and certified in accordance with both European and American safety standards (CE/EN1078 + CPSC1203).

Find instructions for Strap Set Two here.

Please note that Strap Set Two only works with YAKKAY Smart Two helmet.